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Snowflakes, Zebras, and Fingerprints

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You have one life.

All that matters is how you choose to live it.

Don’t waste it feeling stuck in your career, burnt out, frustrated, and under-appreciated. There is a better way! 

Snowflakes, Zebras, and Fingerprints is packed with practical tools for navigating career change, along with action steps to get the job you want and clear guidance for knocking down barriers that get in your way.

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It's Your Story to Tell: Essays on Identity From a Messy Life Well Lived

“Our lives don’t unfold like a novel—they are episodic, and don’t always have a clean narrative. Our lives are a collection of essays.”

In It’s Your Story to Tell, readers can witness how Lombardi learn to tells her story so they can explore how to tell their own.

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