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We help ambitious and goal-getting women who feel stagnant in their career growth identify their next move so they feel more aligned with their career life, can go after their next position with confidence, so they can have the impact they are looking for.

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I’m an ambitious, growth focused, executive turned founder. A best selling author and the single parent of the coolest young adult on the planet.

I've spent 20+ years working for governments, institutions and brands, bringing together billion dollar partners, and leveraging their resources to support thousands of people to get jobs, access free therapy, and grow their businesses.


One of the best things is the way Maryann breaks down bit by bit what I need to do. I was in a place where there were 25 things I needed to do and fix and it was too overwhelming to know where to start. One week at a time she helped me streamline this and that, making it manageable. Having her break that down makes me feel completely confident in every way that I want.


I love this! I feel like I'm moving into a new life professionally. Thank you for being there for me. It really does help to be able to share thoughts and doubts and I appreciate the positive perspective.

Find Your Fit Career Growth Program

A three month program designed to help you:

  • Align who you are and what you want with the right-fit career opportunity. 
  • Create an agile, effective strategy and action plan to go after the positions or opportunities you want.
  • Learn how to build the relationships necessary to secure your next career opportunity.

All so you can feel:

  • Secure in knowing that you can find your fit and don't have to stay in a job that doesn't suit or support you.
  • Confident that you can talk about your value, skills and impact.
  • Less stressed and unburdened by the indecision that comes with not knowing what to do and which actions to take.
  • Supported by your business relationships with people who are engaged and interested in your career development.