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Support for Organizations

We work with organizations, helping leaders fix dysfunctional teams so they attract and retain the best talent and build a more competitive business.

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Support for Individuals

We works with individuals to build their professional brand and access the hidden job market so they can find their dream job.

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For Organizations:




Teams are the backbone of an organizations success. When productivity and work quality is going off the rails, too often leaders think they have a people problem, when they actually have a communication, systems and care problem.

Through workshops, training, and consulting packages we work with them to accurately diagnose the problem, build a strategy to solve it, and help leaders, managers and team members take the action to implement solutions.

We work a lot with managers, who are in a challenging position at the front line of teams and middle of the pack of company leadership. They have a strong impact on the quality of a teams work and have the power to drive or derail success. 


For Individuals:





We help individuals who feel stuck in their jobs take control of their career growth by building their professional brand, access the hidden job market, and find their next move, so they feel more aligned with their career life, can speak about their accomplishments with confidence, and have the impact they are looking for.

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I’m an ambitious, growth focused, executive turned founder. A best selling author and the single parent of the coolest young adult on the planet.

I've spent 20+ years working for governments, institutions and brands, bringing together billion dollar partners, and leveraging their resources to support thousands of people to get jobs, access free therapy, and grow their businesses.


One of the best things is the way Maryann breaks down bit by bit what I need to do. I was in a place where there were 25 things I needed to do and fix and it was too overwhelming to know where to start. One week at a time she helped me streamline this and that, making it manageable. Having her break that down makes me feel completely confident in every way that I want.


I love this! I feel like I'm moving into a new life professionally. Thank you for being there for me. It really does help to be able to share thoughts and doubts and I appreciate the positive perspective.

Ways We Can Work Together ‚§Ķ

Career Growth Kick-Start

  • Ditch the hamster wheel of applications, keywords, resume rewrites, applicant tracking systems, AI gatekeeping, and the ghosting that comes after.
  • Learn how to identify and speak clearly about who you are and the impact you deliver.
  • Confidently start building the supportive and engaged networking you need to secure your dream job.
  • And take control of your job search by accessing the hidden job market with a personalized strategy targeted on your career goals.
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Custom Coaching Package

  • Work with me to create a custom one-on-one coaching and learning and development package that targets your specific needs, goals, and timeline.
  • We can focus on your job search strategy, how to create our own jobs within organizations, managing a business and a full time job, creating your captivating career story,¬† anything having to do with networking and self-promotion, and of course accessing the hidden job market.
  • Some past client examples include VIP intensive days, 1 to 6 month coaching packages, and more.¬†
Let's Talk About It

How to Make Networking Not Suck Online Course

In this course we cover

  • What networking actually is, what it isn't and dispel any myths about it.
  • How to develop your own easy to implement networking strategy.
  • Who the heck to network with and where to find them.
  • How to network in person and on social media platforms like Linkedin.
  • Then the the biggie! What to¬†say when networking. You will receive a robust scripts library to help you figure out what to say when you need it!
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