Innovation Women Career Growth Bundle

This Resource Bundle will help you speak confidently about your impact, promote your interests and accomplishments, build better business relationships, so find a better fit in your next career opportunity!

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Are you looking for new career opportunities in 2024? 

This resource bundle will provide the tools you need to accelerate your career growth opportunities, provide clear guidance about what to do next, and build your confidence through action.


Each resource provides you support to master talking about yourself, improve your self-promotion, increase your visibility and build better business relationships. 


Each resource is designed to simplify and clarify so you can implement the guidance with ease and understanding.


All resources give you clear actions steps to take, so you can remove the stress of not knowing what to do next, and feel confident while going after your next career growth opportunity.

Your Career Growth Guide

Hi, I'm Maryann Lombardi. I've spent 20+ years as an executive within governments, institutions and brands, bringing together billion dollar partners, and leveraging their resources to support thousands of people to get jobs, access free therapy, and grow their businesses.
I help ambitious and goal-getting women who feel stuck in their career growth, identify what their next move needs to be so they can feel more aligned with their career life and go after that position with the confidence they're looking for and have the impact they want.


Wow. Maryann! This is so helpful! I really appreciated our conversation and your feedback! I'll spend some time adjusting this...


I have some amazing news! I just signed on for a job at an EdTech Start-Up! Thank you for all your tips and spending time to support me!


Your 3 simple steps helped! It will give me structure while I am trying this venture, and has given me the courage to at least have fun and try!

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