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Ditch the job search hamster wheel!

  • Stop suffering through applications, keywords, resume rewrites, applicant tracking systems, AI gatekeeping, and the ghosting that comes after.
  • Learn how to identify and speak clearly about who you are and the impact you deliver.
  • Confidently start building the supportive and engaged network you need to secure your dream job.
  • And take control of your job search by accessing the hidden job market with a personalized strategy targeted on your career goals.

Join Career Change Kick-Start and take control of your career opportunities now!

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Through this program you will gain ‚§Ķ


You will reduce the indecision that comes with not knowing what to do first, next and after when looking for a new career opportunity.

You will have clear actions steps, all the learning and development materials you need, along with one-on-one coaching and on-demand support via Slack from beginning until you reach your goals.


You will understand your impact, the kind of opportunity you are looking for, and where to find it.

You will be able to talk about yourself, your unique value, and your career goals with your network, colleagues, and hiring managers.


You will know how to take control of your career growth, and look beyond the job boards, finding opportunity in the hidden job market (where 70% of the available jobs are) 

You will be able to grow your network with intention, care and authenticity, feeling empowered by the connections you make and the conversations you have.


One of the best things is the way Maryann breaks down bit by bit what I need to do. I was in a place where there were 25 things I needed to do and fix and it was too overwhelming to know where to start. One week at a time she helped me streamline this and that, making it manageable. Having her break that down makes me feel completely confident in every way that I want.


I love this! I feel like I'm moving into a new life professionally. Thank you for being there for me. It really does help to be able to share thoughts and doubts and I appreciate the positive perspective.

As we work together you will learn


What to Do First

We will start by focus on You!

  • By¬†distilling¬†your¬†accomplishments so you can clearly and confidently talk about talk about the impact you deliver.
  • Next we will optimize your LinkedIn profile to attract the opportunities your want.
  • Finally we will create a Power Statement, the answer to the age old question "What do you do." Your Power Statement will get you noticed and remembered in interviews and at networking events.


What To Do Next

Next we will focus on your Network

  • We will map your existing network, during which you will discover you have a larger networking than you think you do ūüôĆūüŹľ
  • Next we will create your¬† Simple Networking Communication Strategy so you can confidently networking online and in-person.
  • Finally we will get you started connecting with your relationships to rally your network.

What To Do After

Finally we will focus on your Opportunities

  • You will complete a Career Review to so we can identify what opportunities you are looking for and what kind of work you definitely don't want.
  • Next you will learn about the Hidden Job Market where 70% of the jobs exist, and explore how you can use our unique skills to tap into those opportunities.
  • Finally, we will start identifying Internal and External Opportunities you can go after right now!

The Program Includes:


  • A VIDEO LIBRARY with trainings on each of the topic areas.

  • All the SUPPORTING MATERIALS you need to support your learning, prepare for, and make the most out of the one-on-one sessions.

  • UNLIMITED ON-DEMAND SUPPORT via Slack from Maryann and her team during our initial work and as long as you need our help.


Wow. Maryann! This is so helpful! I really appreciated our conversation and your feedback! I'll spend some time adjusting this...


I have some amazing news! I just signed on for a job at an EdTech Start-Up! Thank you for all your tips and spending time to support me!


Your 3 simple steps helped! It will give me structure while I am trying this venture, and has given me the courage to at least have fun and try!

Your Career Growth Guide

Hi, I'm Maryann Lombardi. I've spent 20+ years as an executive within governments, institutions and brands, bringing together billion dollar partners, and leveraging their resources to support thousands of people to get jobs, access free therapy, and grow their businesses.
I help ambitious and goal-getting women who feel stuck in their career growth, identify what their next move needs to be so they can feel more aligned with their career life and go after that position with the confidence they're looking for and have the impact they want.

Your Dream Job Awaits, Join Now‚§Ķ



  • Three 60 min one-on-one coaching sessions with Maryann Lombardi.

  • Full on-demand Video Library with trainings on each topic area.

  • All the supporting materials, workbooks, guides, downloads, you need to support your learning, and prepare for, and make the most out of the one-on-one sessions.

  • Unlimited on-demand Slack support¬†during our initial work and as long as you need our help.

  • Editing and rewriting support as necessary for LinkedIn Profile, Power Statement, Scripts, and whatever other communications needs come up.