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How you will feel and what you will get after completing this course:

You will feel confident knowing what to say, how to say it and to whom, so you can grow your network and reach your goals.



You will feel relieved having a proven networking strategy to help you plan, organize and track your progress

You will feel less stressed about networking because you will know what to do and how to do it in-person and online - and it will suck less


You will receive our Networking Strategy and Tracking Tool for you to plan, organize, and track your networking. Included are 2 examples of the tool already filled out including multiple additional resources for support linked within the examples.


You will receive a comprehensive Networking Script Guide featuring multiple scripts for all areas of networking, with clear instructions how and when to use them.

Bonus Materials

You will also receive the Networking Tips for Introverts and Extroverts resource, the Warm Outreach Brainstorming Worksheet to complement your Strategy and Tracking Document, and a course e-book with the complete transcript of all videos.

Through this course you will learn

What is Networking?

We'll break down the basics of Networking:

  • What Networking is
  • What Networking isn't
  • What makes it feel sucky
  • Why setting your purpose for networking is important


How to Network

We'll break down the building blocks of your networking strategy:

  • Why you need a Networking Strategy
  • The 7 Simple Steps to creating your Networking Strategy


Who to Network With

We'll break down:

  • The difference between building community and building relationships
  • How to nurture those relationships
  • The difference between warm and cold outreach
  • How to reach out to those individuals 


Where to Network

We'll break down the different options for where to network.

In-person networking:

  • The good, the bad and the ugly

Online networking:

  • The good, the toxic and the spammy
  • Which online platforms are the best
  • Which you should stay away from


What to Say When Networking

We'll break down the four main areas of your networking exchange:

  • The invitations
  • The conversation
  • The ask
  • And the follow-up


Bonus Content!

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Your Career Growth Guide

Hi, I'm Maryann Lombardi. I've spent 20+ years as an executive within governments, institutions and brands, bringing together billion dollar partners, and leveraging their resources to support thousands of people to get jobs, access free therapy, and grow their businesses.
I help ambitious and goal-getting women who feel stuck in their career growth, identify what their next move needs to be so they can feel more aligned with their career life and go after that position with the confidence they're looking for and have the impact they want.

How to Make Networking Not Suck


  • 6 Comprehensive Modules that guide you through the Networking process

  • 7 Networking related Resources, including scripts and guides

  • Course Transcripts/E-book

  • Bonus materials